Will someone please explain the Russian word "есть" to me?


November 26, 2018


Two meanings. 1. To have. У меня есть книга. I have a book. 2. To eat. Я хочу есть. I want to eat.

November 26, 2018

There is also a military/naval expression:

- Ко мне! (Front and center!)
- Есть! (Sir, yes, sir!)

Some etymologists say, it is a loan from the English "yes". The same way as the naval expression "Рынду бей!" is a loan of "Ring the bell!".

"Есть" means: 1) "to eat" ; 2) a present tense translation of "to have": "I have smth" = "Я имею что-то" = "У меня есть что-то"; 3) a present tense translation of "to be": "I am a human" = "Я есть человек" = "Я - человек". Translations "Я имею что-то" and "Я есть человек" are understandable but native speakers use "У меня есть что-то" and "Я - человек". Sorry for my bad English.

Don't sweat it. Your English is very understandable!

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