"Julia does not have fever."

Translation:जूलिया को बुखार नहीं है।

November 26, 2018

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Why is it को and not के ? After all, Julia has the fever


It’s supposed to be ‘There is no fever to Julia’.

‘There is(n’t) X to/at Y’ is a common way to indicate possession in some languages; for example, the sentence ‘Julia has a dog’ would translate as:

  • Russian: У Юлии есть собака U Yulii yest’ sobaka ‘At Julia’s [rough translation] there is a dog’
  • Hebrew: יֵשׁ לְג׳וּלִיָּה כֶּלֶב yesh leJulia kélev ‘There is to Julia a dog’
  • Irish: Tá madra ag Iúile ‘There is a dog at Julia’
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