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  5. "Give them more apples."

"Give them more apples."

Translation:उन्हें और सेब दो।

November 26, 2018



What's the difference between उन्हें and उनको? How would this sentence change if उनको is used instead?


उन्हें and उनको are equivalent and interchangeable everywhere. Depending on their region/dialect, Hindi speakers prefer to use one or the other.


Do you mean और as in "and"? If so, notice that it has two up-ticks not one.

And if so, were you asking if और can be used for "more" instead of ज़्यादा?

If so, I have the same question. :)


So these are two different meanings of the word "more" in English. ज़्यादा can mean more in the sense of "a lot" or even "too much", or "more than something else" (as in इस से ज़्यादा, more than this). It's for comparing amounts, traits, frequency, etc.

और is used for "more" of stuff: you had some, and you'd like an additional amount of it. Think of this as a useful word to use when dining: मुझे और चाय दो दीजिये is something like "Could you kindly give me more tea?" Another beer, more rice, etc.


(The sentence Duolingo course authors keep saying to themselves.)

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