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  5. "The toilet is over there."

"The toilet is over there."

Translation:Toilet ada di situ.

November 26, 2018



What is the difference between situ and sana?


Di situ is closer while di sana is further away. In multiple senses of those words. It can be informal/formal (i.e. emotional distance), it can be physical distance, it can be whether it can currently be seen or if its invisible (e.g. around a corner).

The latter 2 obviously correlate a lot; if a place is closer by it's much more likely that you can see it; a building across the road vs. a building two streets away.


di situ ada toilet....why is it incorrect?


It accepts "kamar kecil" instead of "toilet" but says that it's a typo!


I am quite confused with the sentence structuring... is it noun first or adjectivr/verb/adverb first?


Word order in a basic sentence, more info here :

Word order in a noun phrase, more info here :


Di situ ada toilet and Di sana ada toilet is wrong but why? Can anyone explain?


Those would both translate to '(t)here is', but one is means it exists(e.g. "yes, we have a toilet" and the other mentions its location (e.g. "the toilet is that way").

I think you could go up to someone and ASK "di siana ada toilet?" - "is here a toilet?" though, but I'm not 100% sure.


Not to bash around, I'm just confused. Why would you use di siana? Rather than di sini? Does both means here? Or what's the difference?


Is kamar kecil another way of saying toilet?


Is kamar kecil another way of saying toilet?

The actions related to it are called:
- 'Buang air kecil' ==> literally: throw away small water.
- 'Buang air besar' ==> literally: throw away big water.


Does (di)sini equals as situ? Also, is situ a merged word form sini and itu? Lastly, I would use di sana for over there(far away) as di sini for over here. The usage of itu confuses me here. As far I still understands it means this (close) while ini means that (further).


Di sini does not = di situ. Di sini = here or over here while di situ (& di sana) = there or over there. Athough some people distinguish and use di situ as "within visible range" and di sana as "somewhere farther" both can be used interchangeably. Situ is not sini + situ. Itu = that while ini = this. Buku ini = This book. Buku itu = That book. Hope this helps.


Di situ ada toilet = Toilet ada di situ!!


"Di situ ada toilet." Same thing!


bedanya situ sama sana apa deh? ga paham :(


"Di situ ada toilet" = same thing!!


Sorry but does indonesians call "toilet" as "tandas" in Bahasa Indonesia? Or "tandas" is only applicable for Bahasa Melayu?


Tandas is not used in Indonesian... Kamar kecil shoild be used that more typical Indonesian


Frustrating word order! "Di situ ada bank" is ok. But... "Di situ ada toilet" is wrong ...??

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