"यह किताब बेहतर है ।"

Translation:This book is better.

November 26, 2018

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wow, what a coincidence that they sound so similar. wiktionary says the english "better" is "...from Proto-Indo-European bʰed-rós, from bʰed- (“good”). Cognate with Sanskrit भद्र (bhadrá, “blessed, fortunate, happy, good”)"

nothing about बेहतर though, which it says is from Persian بهتر‎ (behtar) but doesn't give further etymology.


I'm no expert but it seems to be just a remarkable coincidence. Persian behtar in the comparative of beh, an archaic word for good, which comes from a different PIE root, hwesus. In fact the similarity of the Persian comparative -tar and the Germanic -er is just luck too, since in Proto-Germanic it was -izo and has since been rhotacized. (Interestingly it looks like Gothic had two words for "better": iusiza from PIE hwesus (possibly) and batiza from PIE bhed. That would make behtar cognate with the former, despite looking more like the latter!)


Wow, thanks for the explanation !


Guys, just for knowledge, book is also known as pustak (पुस्तक) and book-shop as pustakalaya (पुस्तकालय).


Kitaab is more common.

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