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Not Receiving Student Progress Notification Emails

At the beginning of the school year I would receive a weekly progress report email every Monday for each of the classes that I had created. I would award a winner each week based on XP points. About a month or 2 ago, I stopped receiving the emails. I hadn't made any changes in my notification settings. I cannot figure it out for the life of me and it's driving me nuts! I know that I can go into each classroom and check their weekly growth, but I don't always remember to do this. The emails were the best method for me as I check my school email regularly. Can anyone please help me out?!

November 26, 2018




This is the troubleshooting forum. There is a dedicated forum for Educators; please edit this discussion in order to move it here: https://www.duolingo.com/topic/909 Other educators will be able to help you with class settings and other options specific to Duolingo for Schools.

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If you have trouble accessing other forums it probably is because you should be at least Level 2 to see them.


If you don't get an answer in the Educators forum, then have a look at this help text and/or use the email address provided

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