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Students can't see assignments, track their own progress or see how many total points they have.

None of my students are able to see assignments that I have given them nor track their progress. Each week I get them to complete 100 xp but they can't see where they are at during the week. Nor can they see where they are at for the year.

It is also super annoying that they can't see this as they can complete the assignment after the fact (late) but can't see which week their extra points get assigned too. It would be so much better if they could click on an assignment and work on achieving that goal and know when they have finished it.

I am about to give up using this app as it is more work then benefit to keep track of student progress.

November 26, 2018



I created a duolingo club. If the students join your club, everyone in the club can see the points they have accumulated for the week, as well as their streaks. I believe the week resets each Sunday at 8pm.

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