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  5. "ghaH wIpar."

"ghaH wIpar."

Translation:We dislike her.

November 26, 2018



My translation of "We don’t like him" was marked incorrect. Does this mean, to write "We don’t like him" in Klingonese you would have to say {ghaH wIparHa'be'} (which to my Terran ear sounds like a double negative)?


Good question.

I've generally gone by the glosses in the dictionaries when I've added sentences, without adding many synonyms.

Arguably, "we don't like him" is not the same as "we dislike him" (it could simply mean that you are neutral about him, neither liking nor disliking him).

I'm not sure what the best way forward is on this. We may have to discuss this amongst ourselves.


In English, don't like usually means dislike rather than be neutral in affection. For instance, I don't like coffee means I dislike coffee, not that I don't especially favor coffee but will drink it when I have it.

The Klingon qa'vIn vIpar is specifically dislike. qa'vIn vIparbe' I don't dislike coffee would be the equivalent of the English neutral interpretation, if not semantically the same.

Don't like should be an accepted English translation of par. They nearly always means the same thing.


Fair enough - I've added that translation to the sentences in this unit that use par.

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