"Who dances better?"

Translation:कौन बेहतर नाचता है?

November 27, 2018

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It's telling me that the answer is कौन बेहतर नाचते हैं? But हैं was not an option and it's not the answer above.


Yeah, I got that too. One of the little kinks in the system. It seems like either would work, but I am not an expert, still only a student.


That's because the sentence was singular not plural hence नाचते was wrong. To use नाचते would require हैं (At least that's how I see it).


And I'm confused about accha and बेहतर - accha we learned was 'good', but it can mean 'better' if it's used in a comparison? So are accha and बेहतर interchangeable in a comparison? And when do you need zyada?


'accha' is good. 'zyada accha' is better. 'sabse zyada accha' is best. Unlike English, Hindi doesn't usually have comparitives and superlatives. 'zyada' literally means more. So we join them to make 'zyada accha'. 'behtar' and 'zyada accha' mean the same (better), but their roots are different


The degrees of comparison has been very nicely explained by dishankpoddar. BEHTAR is an Urdu additive to Hindi, while JYADA ACHCHA is the original Hindi version and are interchangeable. Having said that ACHCHA when preceeded by a comparative term may also convey BETTER, so watch out for the preceeding SE terms such as ISS SE, USS SE, UN SE, HUM SE, TUM SE etc.


Zyada means more behathar means better can be used for comparison between groups


I am confused about dances


Why कौन at the beginning of the sentence?


Who is the subject of the sentence.


Could I also ask Kun behter nachti hai?

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