Any Tips for Romanian?

If you're a native speaker or just know a lot, there anything I should learn first or anything to help me along the way? It could be with the language or culture (because I'm very interested in new cultures).

November 27, 2018


I do not think Romanian is so difficult for the following reasons:

[1] With a very few notable exceptions, such as ești, este and e, the language is pretty much pronounced as written.

[2] There are very few double consonants so vowel sounds don't modify as in English.

[3] The present subjunctive is usually să + the present indicative.

[4] Adverbs seem to be quite simple and similar to adjectives.

That having been said, the pronouns can be tricky with many different forms. My two personal love to hate words are acesta (this) and acela (that). Those two words alone have 48 different forms and they are all so similar...

Having spent nearly two years studying Duolingo I can highly recommend it. I have gone from nothing to being able to read and write reasonably comfortably. Speaking is still extremely challenging but I should spend some time in Romania for that. So I would advise you to work through the lessons, in order, until you can comfortably test out of each lesson. Don't rush things and make sure you understand each lesson before moving on.

Another possibility, though maybe I shouldn't mention it here, is an app called Mondly which gives you a free daily, weekly and monthly lesson.

As far as motivation is concerned I found myself getting into Romanian music (love Carla's Dreams) - maybe that could help you too.

Culturally, Romania is a fascinating country, rich in tradition. People still have a strong connection to the land, produce is of the highest quality and Romanians know how to cook so the food is amazing. The countryside is extremely picturesque also from the mountains around Brașov to the beaches of the Black Sea coast.

It is all very easy to fall in love with.

December 12, 2018

Thanks ! Great description

i recommend you watch the documentary "children underground"

Interesting, thanks for the recommendation

Found this on Youtube, definitely adding to my Watch Later list, thank you

Maybe someone can advise some books to learn Romanian? Links to download it? Many thanks in advance )

Usually the online books do not have a great quality. I would advice you to order one.

online sites for news / history / culture for example historia dot ro

How difficult is Romanian? Well lets put this in perspective. 1. it uses the latin alphabet, although in the 1800's it used the Cyrillic alphabet. 2. it does have some complex grammar. 3. They say that Romanian is the closest living language to Latin. So if you studied latin than I am sure it will be a breeze.

If you are passionate about this language you will learn it. I don't think its THAT difficult, it just take some getting use to.

Actually the Romansh language in Switzerland is considered to be closest to Latin. Romanian got a lot of influences from Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Slavic languages, Albanian. Usage of the Cyrillic alphabet was some historical and geographical constraint, there are the specific Romanian letters that cannot find equivalent in Slavic languages and the Latin alphabet was the most logical choice. Use some children's books to get accustomed and find easy sentences

I've heard Italian was the closest to Latin since Romanian has many slavic, etc. influences but I've also heard French was so I don't really know oof

Romanian is the closest to Latin regarding grammar, but regarding vocabulary it is Italian. I have not studied that much Latin, so I might be wrong.

Romanian is a very difficult language. It is better to memorize the patterns instead of learning them, because there are so many exceptions from the rules. Also do your best to learn nouns' gender. It might be the most important aspect of the language.

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