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Any Tips for Hindi?

If you're a native speaker or just know a lot, there anything I should learn first or anything to help me along the way? It could be with the language or culture (because I'm very interested in new cultures).

November 27, 2018



Find someone online to talk to! Learning a language means nothing if you don't get an opportunity to actually speak it. I was lucky enough to meet a guy in India on a language exchange site who just happened to want to become a teacher, so he was using me for practice, I got a free teacher in that way, we did Skype calls every week, and talked over Whatsapp, things like that. For you though, if you are interested in language exchange (which I think is a great idea at any stage in learning a new language,) then you might be prepared to help the other person with their English in exchange for their help in improving your Hindi. I would look at hellolingo and interpals for good language exchange sites, have met some of my best friends on those sites, as well as received tons of language help for Hindi over the past year or two.


And learn the script first! Can't tell you enough how important that is, it's a phonetic language, so the whole language revolves around the script.


I've just begun the Duolingo lessons for Hindi and will be heading to southern India from January to April 2019 so these insights are very helpful! Thank you.


You may be better off learning one of the south Indian languages if you're going there. Hindi is primarily spoken in the north of India, and while many south Indians do know some Hindi, they are not as fluent in it. So if you will be there for months, maybe it's better to learn one of their languages.


maybe you should just talk with me!

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