"Dia tidak suka dengan perbuatan saya."

Translation:She does not like my behavior.

November 27, 2018

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Is the dengan in this sentence necessary? Would the sentence change meaning if it were dropped?


I have the exact same question.


Just when you've seen the word "suka" thousands of times and thought you knew it completely, Duolingo goes and drops an enigma like this!


the question does not seem to be answered yet, is the "dengan" necessary? :)


Why do we need "dengan"? I got answers from native speakers! For more information, please refer to the post on HiNative. https://hinative.com/questions/18242444

Although their answers are not so clear, I'll try my best to explain.

You can NOT drop "dengan" in this context because this sentence describes her preference for SPECIFIC occasions from an objective perspective. If she doesn't like me as a whole human being, you can say "dia tidak suka saya" (i.e. drop "dengan" from suka) though.

Quoting from the answer from the native speaker on HiNative:

[NG] Saya suka dengan sepatu. / I love shoes.

[OK] Saya suka dengan sepatu ini / I love these shoes.

"Dengan" is required to pinpoint "these" shoes. "Suka dengan" + general concepts makes native speakers wonder "what kind of thing???"


Thank you for sharing this! and also for the pointer to HiNative


Still not answered...


Per + Buat + An

Buat = To do (perform, execute)

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