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  5. "A dress is getting torn"

"A dress is getting torn"

Translation:Gauni linapasuka

November 27, 2018



Why linapasuka and not inapasuliwa?


In various online sources I found gauni classified as class 9 with the i-na prefix and unchanged plural (gauni) or as class 5 with the li-na prefix (plural magauni). The infix -w- makes the sentence passive (someone is doing sth to the gown) while -k- denotes a state (e.g. of being torn) with no focus on the doer. I am thinking this could be similar to the difference between The Sun melts the snow and The snow melts.


Linapasuka? Thats bursting Wouldnt linachanika be more correct


Or perhaps raruka


what is the rule for replacing the -a suffix with the -ka suffix stem? Thanks!


as far as i can tell, it's not really a "rule" so much as a derived term. it doesn't make sense for all verbs, the "-ka" prefix does have meaning as a stative tense indicator, but you just have to know which verbs are commonly used with it or not. see https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Swahili_verbal_derivation#Stative


when you say gauni langu linapasuka it means my dress is getting torn


and also pasuka means burst


Its supposed to be raruka which means to tear

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