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"Not the where is interesting, but the how."

Translation:Nicht das wo ist interessant, sondern das wie.

April 4, 2013



Is this sentence really good English??


The english sentence is rather poor.


I can see the sentence making a lot of sense in context, but out of context, it's practically meaningless. For example, I can see this sentence being used in some sort of history book discussing an unusual event. The sentence might link a section on where the incident took place, but signals a transition into talking about how the event came together. In this case, the meaning would be that the place is not as interesting as the circumstances.


I see your point but I still don't think it sounds correct. There are better ways of phrasing what you are describing in english.


In this context, I think it would be better phrased as "It isn't the where that is interesting, but the how"


I'm a little curious about the capitalization of "wo" and "wie" here. They seem like nouns and nouns are normally capitalized but not here. Does this seem at all add to a native speaker or is it just the way it is?


I think they're pronouns (specifically interrogative pronouns), so it's the same as not capitalising ich, dir, ihr etc.


Couldn't the verb come later? "Nicht das wo, sondern das wie, ist interessant." It seems that "not this, but that" functions as the subject, and would not require the verb to intervene.


so only sondern can have the sense of offering an alternative to the preceding statement?


"Sondern" can be literally translated as "but rather". "Aber" on the other hand only translates as "but". "Sondern" just makes intuitive sense in this sentence, whereas "aber" doesn't in this context.


I wrote "Nicht ist das wo interessant, sondern das wie", utting the verb in the second place, but maybe "nicht" doesn't count?


"Not the where is interesting but the how," is very unnatural. A native English speaker would be more likely to phrase it like, "It's not the where that's interesting, but the how."

One of the correct German translations, "Das wo ist nicht interessant, sondern das wie," when translated into English, makes for a more natural sounding (but still not perfect) English sentence: "The where is not interesting, but (rather) the how."


Are we solving a mystery?


I want to go on a rant... These d* gendered nouns keep tripping me up. throws stuff

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