I could use some encouragement. Are there anyone out there who is just starting like I am?

April 4, 2013


If you want to communicate with other beginners, you may start posting questions on this forum, look at other learner's questions, read comments, etc... then identify who you could be friend with (click on their name and you will know where they are on the tree, how many points they have ...), click on "+ friend" at the top, then wait for their answer.

I am not a beginner (I am French) but I send you my warm wishes, hoping you will have fun learning here. Dare asking any question, this is a friendly community, you will find help and clarification when you need some and that will really be encouragement.

Good luck! (bon courage !)

How do I become moderator

Well if you want to start with beginners in French, I think some of my friends are, so you can click on my profile and browse through my friends and add the ones that seem to have the same level as you.

It won't be easy, but if you practice regularly, stay open minded and use other resources correctly you can reach a good level in a short time.

Good luck with that.

Hello, Moderator!

Hello Sitesurf !

You should apply to be one as well once it's possible, you're contributing a lot to Duolingo.

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