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How Is My Russian?

hey guys, i am a new duo lingo-er? and i cant really speak russian, how is it? <3

как вы, ребята, я люблю вас всех, и я сосать на русском, here comes the downvotes :((((

November 27, 2018



I speak Russian for 15 years (since birth) its not bad. Improvements are always awaiting. keep going. the more you go the better you'll find out about the beauty of the Russian language. Just don't hope for each English phrase to be perfectly translated in Russian, if you know what I mean. For example, when you said that you "SUCK" at Russian. That sounds funny from a side, BUT! don't frown man, just say "Я плохо говорю по Русски". Because then its fairly easy to notice that you could be from an English speaking country, but mostly that phrase "suck" comes from America, so just listen to some Youtubers, movies, clips, and it should be easier. :) hopefully I helped. have a nice time learning man.


As people already wrote here, "suck" doesn't work in Russian as the same as in English does. If you want to say "I suck at Russian" in slang, you can say "я лажа́ю в русском".

Other phrases are fine. Keep it going.


Also, verbs in Russian have different conjugations, for example, "to suck" ("сосать") in present tense:

I suck = я сосу

You suck = вы сосёте

He/she/it sucks = он/она/оно сосёт

We suck = мы сосём

They suck = они сосут


Everybody have sucked = все соснули


here comes the downvotes :((((

Yes, this place is cursed because of it.


as the youth says - lmao :))))
please that would not fall into an awkward position - pay attention to the message SagePtr, Neon_Iceberg, 8PV8koLC
different languages - different meanings
but you are attaboy! you strive! and the rest only with the accumulated experience


I heard advice from spanish teacher - refrain from using idioms in foreign language until you are 142% (russian joke here) sure. So for the first couple of years try to formulate your thoughts very literally and carefully - even stuff like "I will drive my mom to the airport" wouldnt translate well.

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