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Assignments appear to be done but students didn't do it.

Hello, I have an issue with the duolingo assignments. I assigned some topics to my students but it appears like they did all of them but they told me that they did not do any of them. I do not know why it appears like that. I saw today that many of them have missed assignments and I went and gave them an extra week to do them but when I finished changing the dates, it appears again like they did all of them. What is happening? I really use Duolingo a lot for them to practice typing and grammar skills but I can't rely on the Duolingo app because it seems like they did something when they did not do it. I give them a grade for those activities.

November 27, 2018



What sort of assignments did you set? Were they XP ones, or a particular skill?


Hello, thanks for answering. It is particular skills.


We are aware that there are a few lingering bugs from the recent update to skill assignments and are working to fix them. Please file a bug report with usernames of students and assignments that you having trouble with to help us track down the cause.


Yes, I noticed the same thing, SenorCampos.

This problem can be easily dealt with (not solved though) by clicking on each student's name and then clicking on VIEW ACTIVITY LOG (orange button) which is on the top-right-hand-side of your screen. This will give you the true picture of what each student did in detail, how many lessons he/she finished in each topic or level, when they worked on it etc.

It's annoying to keep doing so for each student especially when you have a large class, but it is the only way I found to get around this problem.

I think this problem should be reported in the troubleshooting section.


This doesn't need to be posted in Troubleshooting - this is the right place for this post.

I'm hoping one of the staff will see this post soon, and hopefully shed some light on what's going on.


I read in the Duolingo Help section a while ago that if there was an error and you want the staff to attend to it then you should post it in the troubleshooting section of the message boards.


In general that's true, but this forum is the Educators forum - it's for teachers to discuss the Duolingo for Schools system. That's what this post is about, so it's in the right place.

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