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  5. "Nós somos mundiais."

"Nós somos mundiais."

Translation:We are global.

April 4, 2013



We are the woooooooorld, we are the childreeeeeen!


I guess thats recommended answer


I think "We are international?" makes more sense.


How about: We are worldly?


Someone gave you a downvote, but didn't bother to say why. (It really annoys me when people do that if what someone says is reasonable). Anyway, I looked it up.

"We are worldly" = "Nós somos mundanos".


mundano may sound perjorative in portuguese.


oops.. that's what Reverso translate gave and I know it's not always reliable. So how would you say "worldly" (having a lot of experience in life and therefore not easily shocked) in Portuguese?


maybe "nós somos vividos".


I agree with CatMcCat. "worldly" and "global" are not the same.

Someone who is "well travelled" has been to very many places and may be considered worldly, but "worldly" also sometimes carries a connotation that is not as good, since the experience and understanding of the world can be at the expense of religion or spiritual affairs.


A group can be global if it is found all over the world or relates to others throughout the world. International companies which become big enough to deal with places all over the world can be thought of as global. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/global

This dictionary gives a better alternate: worldwide.




Should "worldly" not be accepted then for translation into Englsih? There's a difference (in English) between being global/worldwide and being worldly. But I tried it today (Sept 16/15) just to see what would happen, and it was accepted. If it's wrong, I'd report it.


I think worldly might also be pejorative in English, especially if contrasted with "spiritual."


@ThanKwee, I completely agree with you!

Most of the time people here are only asking questions and looking for answers, because they either don't know or they are not sure, at least they want to find out!

I find it rather rude and insensitive to downvote questions, oftentimes useful questions for latter learners, let alone downvote and leave. As a matter of fact, I often upvote people's certain questions.

Anyways, I don't quite get "we are global" as it is a bit odd to say so. I might only have heard "we are global citizens". ...


Maybe "we" here is a company. So, "We [as a company] are global." On the other hand, a lot of Duo sentences don't make much sense.


Thanks. That makes a bit sense now.

Duolingo sentences opened a lot of imagination of mine. :P


We are worldly was accepted. I wasn't sure how else one might translate this sentence without context.


The computer voice says: 'mundias'.

Is this pronounciation correct?


The end should sound like "ice"


Does anyone else think this sentence seems artificial without a noun for "mundiais" like campeões?


Yep.... even if a multinational company owner said that, it would still continue akward.


i feel "mundial" is unique idea for brazilians like "saudade". i want to translate "we are human race"


If you haven't translated "We are human race" to Brazilian Portuguese, it would be "Nós somos raça humana."


The female audio is pronouncing mundiais as "mundias" with the "i" omitted. I have reported it.

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