"Ada batu kecil di sup saya."

Translation:There is a small stone in my soup.

November 27, 2018

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Maybe you'll learn not to send travellers away the next time they ask for food and nobody in your village gives it to them and then the travellers go to the river by the village and put some stones in water and put it on fire and then you and the rest of the villagers come and ask what they're cooking and they say it's stone soup and it's a really yummy delicacy from their homeland but that it would be even better if it had carrots and potatoes and other spices in it and that anybody who shares an ingredient from their home will eat from the soup with them and so you and the other villagers all go to your home and bring the necessary items and then you all enjoy that soup together and learn from the strangers the value of sharing.


I suspected it was from that old story!


There are small stones in my soup?


Why is "there are small stones in my soup" marked incorrect?


Kayaknya ada sup alpukat kan

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