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How do I speak Klingon without sounding like a nerd?

I want to speak Klingon to my friends and they can say, "Hey, Joseph, that is really cool and you definitely aren't a nerd!" But they insist in saying, "Wot was that Josefuhhhh? You are such a nerd. Come to my house today lets get some kills on FoRtNiTe and not play World of Warcraft like you keep on forcing us to do." I hope some people learning this language can relate and have found a simple solution (which is not locking them up underground btw)

November 27, 2018



Is this a trick question??? :)


its not a trick question in other words he wants to speak a really cool language but his friends think he's a nerd


Impossible. But sounding like a nerd is a good thing. :)


The nerd in me says to behave like a Klingon when you speak Klingon. Command the room! Demand respect! Use your tone and posture to show that you are a badass.

However, Klingon is a language from Star Trek. 'Trekkie' is almost synonymous with 'nerd' to most people. My actual suggestion is to make friends who call you 'nerd' as a term of endearment, rather than an insult. Forget those guys if they want to poop on your excitement.

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pretty much the best advice you can give. embrace the nerd inside of you and - as the course teaches - pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol yIjatlhvIpQo'!

That's what I'm going to do in my next meeting at work. Just slam the door open, stride in, kick a chair over on the way, glare at the other guys in the room and let out a hearty "nuqneH". Then I'll just clean my fingernails with a large knife while I wait for them to call security.


Star Trek not track


If you are concerned about sounding like a nerd you may have chosen the wrong language. Qapla'!


Why do you want to be friends(Spend time with) people whose interests are not yours? Join a Guild, learn Klingon, Do Activities you WANT do do rather than kowtow to such basic people. Simple Solution : Drop the toxic waste, Let them do them, you do you.


guess they never watched star track


TELL THEM TO WATCH STAR TRACK then they will think it's really cool


BilboBaggins103 is correct


Can we be friends?


Face it: there are people who think that is a very nerdy thing. You just have to find people who share your interest in the language and speak to them in the language, instead of speaking Klingon to the friends who call you a nerd.


find your tribe at a Comic Con


LET YOUR KLINGON SHINE! Say whatever you want to them. "Nerd' is a term of endearment!


Easy, swing a bat'leth around while speaking Klingon.

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