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Students finish multiple levels at the exact same time

My last few assignments, I have been having students finish multiple levels at the same time. For example, I have a student who finished my 3 current assignments all on November 20th at 12:54 p.m. How is this possible?

November 27, 2018



Admin DuoTimSchools in this discussion:

We are aware that there are a few lingering bugs from the recent update to skill assignments and are working to fix them.
Please file a bug report ......


I have the same issue. I have a student who finished 4 lessons by doing just one lesson. How is that possible? can they test out the lessons? If that is the case, then Duolingo is not doing what I want from my students. I assign work for them to practice, not to just do something in 5 minutes and be done with it.

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