"Kami orang tua anak ini."

Translation:We are this child's parents.

November 27, 2018

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"we are parents of this child. " means exactly the same, but was unaccepted.


Actually your sentence is better than this sentence.


I would phrase it as "we are the parents of this child"


you should report it


Can someone please explain how the words of this sentance fit together.


"Kami orang tua anak ini"


"We [are] parent[s] [of] this child"

"Tua" is an adjective meaning old, so "orang tua" literally means "old person", but is interpreted as elder or parent.

As usual in Indonesian, descriptive words come after the words they describe, so when something is described as belonging to someone, the thing which belongs is said first, then the word for the person to whom the thing belongs.

However in this case "orang tua" and "anak ini" are both descriptive phrases as well. Each phrase is treated as a single word, and the second phrase describes the first. Think about it as if they were compound words like "orang-tua" "anak-ini"


comment savoir si c'est singulier ou pluriel , car en doublant les lettres c'est le pluriel en indonésien mais obligatoirement

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