"Saya minum air ketika saya makan."

Translation:I drink water when I eat.

November 27, 2018

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I put, "I drink air" instead of "I drink water".. Sometimes my mind forgets to switch languages lol.


What is the difference between 'ketika' and 'bila'?


What is the difference between 'ketika' and 'bila'?

'ketika' = 'saat' = 'waktu' ==> when, at that time, at that moment.
They're interchangeable, 'waktu' is the less formal one.

'bila' = when (used in a question);(see first definition KBBI).
'bila' = when (conditional when);(synonym with 'kalau', 'jika');(see second definition KBBI).


bila1/bi┬Ěla/ pron
kata tanya untuk menanyakan waktu; kapan:
-- Saudara berangkat?;
2 p cak
kalau; jika; apabila:
ia baru menjawab -- ditanya;

1st definition :
kata tanya untuk menanyakan waktu; kapan:
question word to ask about time; when.

2nd definition:
cak ==> used in informal/spoken style.
kalau; jika; apabila ==> synonyms.


Can i not mention the "Air" if im only talking to my friends, considered that they know what i drink?

Like "Saya minum ketika saya makan".


Isai, "whilst" it means "at the same time" just like, "when". Should have been accepted.

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