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"Pengendara itu jatuh dari motornya."

Translation:That rider falls from his motorcycle.

November 28, 2018



I feel like 'their motorbike' should be accepted, if there's no indication of the rider's gender..


Worst accidents ever.


One of un-elected words was "organs"...


So, if /pengedara/ is the word for 'rider', can it refer to any passenger on a motorbike, or is it more specific to the person actually controlling and operating aforesaid motorbike?

What are the specific terms for "driver" and "passenger" where /sebuah sepeda motor/ is concerned? Would a passenger on a /sepeda motor/ be /seorang penumpang/?

Also, is /supir/ usually used for the person who operates the /sepeda motor/, or is there a different term for that? Would /pengemudi/ be an appropriate term?


That rider fell from his bike <-- this should be accepted.

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