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Suggestion: warn people about leaving the current page when doing a test

Say that you are taking a test (e.g. I was trying to strengthen my skills) using the web interface and then, by mistake, you go back/forward in your browser. If you do this, DL will go to the previous/next page and will simply forget about the test you were taking. I find this VERY annoying.

So, it would be good if DL was to ask the user to confirm that they really want to go to the previous/next page when in the middle of taking a test. I appreciate that this may be annoying for some people, so maybe it could be made an option?

Otherwise, something that also caught me when taking a test (!!) is that I would, on Windows using Chrome, press Ctrl and clik on say the Home link, assuming that a new page would open with my DL homepage. Well, it doesn't, it just opens my DL homepage in the current tab, which again is very annoying when you are taking a test. Now, this might be a tricky one to address, not least because I believe it might be an issue with jQuery (I have the same issue with a site of mine that uses jQuery...). This being said, since it opens the 'new' page in the current tab, then the aforementioned option should do the trick...

May 13, 2014


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