"Pohon itu lebih tinggi dari rumah saya."

Translation:That tree is taller than my house.

November 28, 2018

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“Taller” applies to people, “higher” applies to things.


I am a native English speaker in NZ. Trees are definitely tall. Superman leaps tall buildings in a single bound. See also Wikipedia's list of the world's tallest buildings and its list of the tallest trees.


"Higher" applies to positions or to parts of people/things, "taller" applies to people and things from the same base position. "High" measures vertical distance, "tall" measures vertical length.

The treetops are high, but the trees themselves are tall. The roof is high, but the house is tall. The person is tall, but the person's chest is higher than their legs. The person is higher up if they're standing on a ledge above you.

The trees are only high if you're looking up at the side of a mountain or something. Duo's sentence is correct. Selamat belajar!

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