"Kamu tak selamanya perlu merawat saya."

Translation:You do not need to care for me forever.

November 28, 2018

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Why can "selamanya" not be placed after "perlu"? So it would be written as "Kamu tak perlu selamanya merawat saya". I'm confused with the rules here. Thanks.


I frequently can't hear the k when it occurs at the end of sentences. Is this normal Indonesian, or is this the dialect of the male voice? Or is the k actually supposed to be a silent k??

It's just that Indonesian is usually so phonetically straightforward, and then there's a few little things like this k issue.


K at the end of words is pronounced using a glottal stop which means it is much softer.


If you find a "k" at the end of a word, just make sure the k is audible. That would be ok.

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