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  5. "Anything I can do?"

"Anything I can do?"

Translation:Apa saja yang dapat saya lakukan?

November 28, 2018



Why is wrong to say "Apa yang saya dapat lakukan"? I'm confused


That would be 'what can I do' rather than 'is there anything I can do'.


And "Apa saja yang saya dapat lakukan"? Is that really wrong too?


It's passive 2... I know it now.


Could you explain it?


Explanation: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31279476

I think the applicable part is that for Passive Type 2 nothing comes between the agent (saya) and the verb. But I don't understand why 'dapat' doesn't count as a verb, only lakukan?


Those have literally the same meaning in most contexts. Are you telling me the literal translation of the Indonesian has the exact same connotation as the English?


I have the same concern


This lesson M U S T have an explanation of you want somebody to study!


Thats what I dont like about duo lingo. You can learn all the words you want, but unless you actually understand how they work in a sentence, they are worthless. Not only that but, normal conversation is different than some of these goofy sentences. That said, I like duo lingo and fully understand its my learning ability and not the actual program


The translation for Anything... is specifically given elsewhere as Apa saja.... What can I do is NOT accepted for your examples starting Apa saja... In those cases Anything I can do? is accepted and What can I do? is not. Giving Anything I can do? as the answer here rather than What can I do? is confusing.


Why does 'apa pun' not work here?


Apa pun is more like "whatever" and you don't typically use it in a question.


And what about "Ada yang bisa saya lakukan"?


Does "dapat" have to come before "saya" here? If so, why?


I agree it's really contradictory


I have no idea duo lingo indonesian s becong more and more a rememberung exercise...We NEED some explanations ...whats dapat..? I also do Duo lingo german far superior...theee are grammar lessons before each section...


How come they dont explain upfront to us what and when ..suffixes are to be used. It would speed up our learning. I am beginning to think there strategy is to make us learn slower so they can get another 49$ out of us. . On a 1 to 10 i give them a 6. I went on u tube to get the info . On me. Men mem meng it really kind of sucks.


And pe ,ber kah ,an etc,etc .i suggest if your perplexed .go to u tube. It has helped me alot thankx. I am 65 with just a high school diploma. . I am not a whiz kid. if they added explanations before and through out each course it would make learning much easier..they really should redesign this course.

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