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  5. "उसे बुखार की दवाई चाहिए।"

"उसे बुखार की दवाई चाहिए।"

Translation:She needs the fever medicine.

November 28, 2018



She needs medication for her fever. Please correct the sentence.


She wants the fever medicine would also be correct here since चाहिए means both need and want


दवाई dava دوا is a persian loan word but I think comes from Arabic language


Why the की?


Why is की In this sentence. What does it mean in the sentence


That part of the sentence literally means "fever's medicine". In English we have a tendency to squash things together and omit prepositions/conjunctions that indicate relationships, which is why we would say "fever medicine".


What indicates she rather than he in this sentance? I feel I am missing something.


A lot of people on this forum translate both यह and वह as he/she/it which can get confusing, as it's not 100% accurate.

Technically, यह means "this" and वह is "that". Hindi has no gender or animacy distinctions in its pronouns like English does. Which you choose is a matter of how far away from you the thing you're talking about is. How you translate it depends on the context of the sentence. यह औरत छोटी है (this woman is short) vs यह छोटी है can mean "this is small" if we're talking about a feminine noun (e.g. किताब) or "she is short" if we're talking about a woman. Same thing for वह.


Speakers of US English say medication in stead of medicine.Both ought to be accepted.


I was born and raised in the US and call it medicine.


it should be she needs the mdicine for her fever today fix your english before trying to teach other languages

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