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"Kemudian mereka datang setelah kami pergi."

Translation:Then they came after we left.

November 28, 2018



The tenses must agree in this sentence. I suggest the translation should be: "Then they came after we left."


Is there a way to make sense of this without making “come” and “leave” the same tense?


How about: "Then they come after we (have) left?"


had left*, but yeah, now I am 100% sure dkfour is wrong.


What happened further back in the past? This has to be expressed in past perfect. So the correct translation should be. They came/arrived after we had left. And, of course, this answer is not accepted by the system. And there goes another heart.


I tried the following "Then they come after we have left" but was marked wrong. I cannot see what is indicating past tense in the original Indonesian sentence and would appreciate an explanation of how this works.

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