"I am not Tini."

Translation:Saya bukan Tini.

November 28, 2018

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Why doesn't:

"Saya tidak Tini."

work instead of:

"Saya bukan Tini."?


Bukan - Is used when negating from nouns and adverbs.

Tidak - Is used when negating verbs and adjectives.


Why Aku instead of Saya?


My Indonesian friend says one is more formal than the other, but it doesn't matter much.


Aku is more informal than Saya. Same as Anda is more formal than Kamu IMHO


Something that really confuses me is that the formal version of 'you' (Anda) is spelled with a capital, but the formal version of 'I' (saya) isn't and instead it is the informal version (Aku) that is spelled with a capital... WHY!!??


Aku is spelled with a capital (from my experience) only at the start of sentences, while otherwise it remains aku.


"Anda" is the only pronoun that spelled with a capital in the middle of a sentence. (With the intention of being polite) Ex: Apakah Anda telah menerima surat yang saya tulis?

All words including pronouns will be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence. Ex: Saya sedang membaca buku. Buku ini adalah milik adik saya.

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