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Lost my streak

I survived. I will begin again. I didn’t even cry. I’m definately in it for the language learning. My favorite thing was giving to others. My lingot supply is low, but that doesn’t matter either. They were just there for generosity and sick days. I don’t even know which day I missed buying another streak freeze. I will continue to respect those that maintain their awesome streaks. My new attitude will make me stronger and learning longer. Thanks everybody for your participation. Learning with others is more fun. Have wonderful holidays. My tree is up and ready to be laden with ornaments. Enjoy everyday. I love you and wish you happiness. Love, Cat

I want to learn carols in my target language. I need those headphones in my picture. No need to torture myself. Feliz Navidad!

November 29, 2018



May the Gods guide you in your Quest.


I'm really sorry to hear that Cat!!!! I lost my streak when I forgot my last password!!! Just started back up today!!!!! We can learn together!!!!!!


Hthe8,I can’t remember my password either. Oh dear! I just started a new streak. It’s about commitment to me. On your mark, get set , get ready, Go. Your friend, Cat


It is good to hear from you, despite your predicament. I would recommend swimming as a coping mechanism, if it weren't so cold...


Dear cat, as a try to comfort you I feel like sending you a poem of which a certain sentence (marked bold) often is recited in Germany, when someone has to make a new start of something... I hope it's all right that I put the original German version first and then the English translation that I found on the internet and which I did not translate myself.

STUFEN (von Hermann Hesse)
Wie jede Blüte welkt und jede Jugend
Dem Alter weicht, blüht jede Lebensstufe,
Blüht jede Weisheit auch und jede Tugend
Zu ihrer Zeit und darf nicht ewig dauern.
Es muss das Herz bei jedem Lebensrufe
Bereit zum Abschied sein und Neubeginne,
Um sich in Tapferkeit und ohne Trauern
In andre, neue Bindungen zu geben.
Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne,
Der uns beschützt und der uns hilft, zu leben.

Wir sollen heiter Raum um Raum durchschreiten,
An keinem wie an einer Heimat hängen,
Der Weltgeist will nicht fesseln uns und engen,
Er will uns Stuf' um Stufe heben, weiten.
Kaum sind wir heimisch einem Lebenskreise
Und traulich eingewohnt, so droht Erschlaffen;
Nur wer bereit zu Aufbruch ist und Reise,
Mag lähmender Gewöhnung sich entraffen.
Es wird vielleicht auch noch die Todesstunde
Uns neuen Räumen jung entgegen senden,
Des Lebens Ruf an uns wird niemals enden,
Wohlan denn Herz, nimm Abschied und gesunde!

PHASES (by Hermann Hesse)
As every flower wilts and youth
gives way to age, so unfolds every phase,
all the wisdom and virtue
when it so does - and know that none lasts forever.
With every call of life, the heart
must be ready to part and start
again, in courage and joy,
surrendering to new, otherly liasons, as
In the core of every beginning lives magic
Magic that protects us and helps us live.

We are to stride along spaces, joyously,
clinging to none as thought it was home
the world soul does not seek to fetter and confine us;
phase after phase it wants to elevate and expand us.
slumber grows threatening as soon as we,
immersed in coziness, become used
to a cycle in our lives -
Only those ready to part, depart
may rid themselves of paralyzing habits.
Perhaps, as the call of life in us finds no end,
at the hour of our death we are still
to be faced with novel spaces. walk on then,
be off, be well!,
oh sweet heart of ours.

Have a lovely Christmas time!


Super pretty. Thanks for sharing!


Compo, I love your new picture. It reminds me of Disney and the country bear jamboree. Happy Holidays! love , Cat


happy holidays! love glamerousglitter


Pinsche, Thanks for the poetry. You have a new fan. Love, Cat


Pinsche, I have decided to dedicate your poem choice to calligraphy and memory. It is more beautiful with each read. The poem does not focus on death - but on the cycle of life. To the dying, often the focus is on the linear nature of life. It begins and ends. Through religious tenets, we find alternatives to the end as mere nothingness. My religion offers streets of pearls and mansions for all. Others offer multiple virgins to the faithful. For years , I worked in internal medicine at the local teaching hospital. I spent a lot of time talking to those during their final hours. There was a noticeable difference between the faithful and the faithless. The faithful were calm and accepting. The faithless were paralyzed by fear. The whole experience was very enlightening. Thank you again. Your new friend , Cat


I have obtained Sapience. One may insulate themselves from the loss of possessions and passing of time through social exchange. Institutions shall ensure that the planet's rotation is marked and notated. Only decay will result from my passage.



I wish I had your confidence, friend...


For those of you who have experienced this tragedy yourselves, let me know how you handled. Would beginning all over again benefit/strengthen my learning? Mr. Heiss, would starting in a completely different program such as Memrise be a good move? I really appreciate your opinion. Any input from phopkins, merkevar, Linda7, Rev. Mother, and other experienced users with this type are of information is welcome. I despise being this needy. I am used to success. All that I can do is ask for advise and heed it. I am determined to succeed. As always, it will require patience and hard work. Happy holidays.


You are very successful to me. By nature are you a perfectionist? Just wondering to myself as I read your comment.


pQ , Probably. When I saw your streak, I felt a little sad. But , I am already over it. I love your name. It has rhythm. Thanks for the input. Your new friend, Cat


You know, being a perfectionist isn't necessarily bad... the only problem with it is, well, it's kind of impossible to achieve on this planet. If you wish to be a successful perfectionist I suggest hitchhiking to the next planet. If you have any questions how, just read "The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy".


I haven't even had a 7 day streak before lol.


I am sorry for your loss. Once I lost a 150 day streak. I just started a new one and so can you! Nothing is lost, the 200 days of daily learning are still in you, so keep up the good work and good luck with your next streak!


Can’t find my lights!! Now that it a catastrophe! Thank you!


Streaks are nice, but the strongest people are those that can get back to the grind after a streak has been broken. Good luck!


Hello Cat,

Let me take this time to remind you that you have not failed in any way. A streak is only representative of a (perhaps) daily study or short points-gathering on Duolingo specifically, with a specific time-frame. It doesn't show anything else but this! So do not feel disappointed. I had an over 200 days streak and lost it in a storm with bad internet connection...I didn't even know until the next day. But you know what? I was liberated, unknowingly. I now feel myself free to study whenever, however, and with whatever I wish...this is the life, if you ask me. ;P

Have some lingots if it lifts your spirits...only you know if you're on the right track! Have a great holiday season, keep up the Spanish...I'll be here if you want to practice. :)

(P.s. Are you on Discord? I can get you set up....it's a great way to practice writing and speaking out of the open fields. I would love to get to know you and help you with Spanish if I can!)


Well, you're level 25 in Spanish. I would think that matters more than some streak; regardless of what the streak was!


D3, I remember reading some of your posts, before it rained disaster around here. Thanks for responding. Your new friend, Cat


Bummer. Have a lingot.

"Cascabeles" was the first Christmas my teacher Spanish 1 teacher taught us in school. That was in 1981, but I still remember it!

Have a listen, it will cheer you up:



Thank you , Angus. You are a good classmate and supporter. I am glad to hear from you . It is interesting to rally around and keep going. I appreciate you and kindness. Happy Holidays! Love, Cat


Sorry about your streak. I lost a 175 day streak last year but persevered and just hit 240. Honestly, though. I'm more focused on things like completing my tree or hitting x experience points a day. Sometimes, life intrudes and just doesn't allow an extra ten minutes for study. Just make up for it tomorrow.

That said. I'm passing on a lingo for you to dole out as you see fit.


That's quite a big streak! Personally, I'm not in it for the streaks but more for the experience of learning a few new languages ;)


I had the same thing, a long streak and then forgot to do the "challenging" 3 per day - on a Holiday in Italy!. I now start my day with DUO and then I don't have to do more.


What is it about Italy that robs so many of their streaks...


Must be the food... people get one taste and forget about everything else :P


hi cat you could watch gone with the wint that always cheers me up


Rhett, My beautiful daughter is named Katie Scarlett. What a coincidence! Love, Cat


Sorry to hear you lost your streak Cat. Edit: my full comment didn't appear for some reason, so I'll finish it. I lost my 200 something streak a few months ago. I was maintaining the streak for its own sake. 10XP per day. When I lost my streak I was bummed for about 10 seconds then a sense of freedom descended on me. I have stopped using Duo and am concentrating on spoken Spanish through Spanish TV and movies ie Netflix.Telemundo, Telexito (local tv). I do however give Duolingo full credit for taking me so far! It was a blast! I hope you regain your balance quickly! ( I know you will) Feliz Navidad, tu amigo, BradR


Gracias. I’m watching telanovellas until my son goes to NYC tomorrow. Love, Cat


Brad, Thank you for your support. You are an important to my successes. Have a happy holiday! Much love, Cat


It happens. Nothing in life is permanent. We suffer less when we accept this. Happy Holidays to you.


Poor Gringo, you have a new friend. Your profile picture is a beautiful image of an ideal afternoon. It reminds me of a day in Key West. Thank you. Love, Cat


Merry Christmas, Cat! And I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and get some generosity sent back at you. I have wondered where you've been these last few days. But, remember, if anyone can get through a lost streak, I'd bet on it being you. I'm sitting right by my own Tree now, happy Learning! (I'll send you a few lingots added on to the 25 given by someone else to help restock that supply ;))


Giovanni, You are a true friend. I’m back on my feet again. When my son returns to NYC tomorrow, I am diving back in head first. Thank you! Love, Cat


Aug, rats! Stay on duolingo, though. Don't leave. Start up a new streak! It's about the learning, not the streak. Sorry, though, a 213 day streak was a big streak to lose.

Have a fresh, just out of the digital factory, lingot to buy yourself some headphones. ;)

P.S Merry Christmas, too! ^-^


its okay! have some lingots for the future, & just start again when you have time, you have done a great job & will continue to do so


Juskat, Thanks from another Cat


Well, at least you know that streak was part of you reaching 25 level in Spanish (good job). I just recently passed 100-day streak. But I am more interested in reaching level 25 with a full golden tree in Spanish (and hope to find that I have improved much at that point). I use my streak as a reminder that I am putting in at least half an hour here every day. However, I also use Memrise (for vocabulary) and LingoDeer (for variety). Added a few lingots to your bank to help you continue having fun here :)


You're a hero. Every time I lost my streak it took me a few days to recover. Here's a few lingots- just appreciation to your determination and motivation. Keep going!


I shall gift you the streak-bonus ligots it just gave me, in commiseration and encouragement (and totally not because I'm on a lingot clearout bonanza). But, you know, I don't think the streak matters all that much — five minutes a day for a year, isn't as good as fifteen minutes six days a week and a broken streak. It's not the streak that matters, its the dedication. You've clearly put a lot of effort into your Spanish!

I once lost a hundred and fifty-odd day streak, due to what I'm pretty sure was a glitch. I began over, and it's all respectable again! Feels like it took no time at all.

Keep up the good work : )


That is what I call tough!!You can be very strong!


Linda, Tough does not describe me right now. Give me a day. I lost a streak , but found some new , nice friends. Thanks for the response.


Wow. I am so sorry. But it is awesome how you are taking this. I wish more people were like you and not so streak-crazy. You deserve these lingots.


Thank you new friend. Sorry it took so long to respond. Love, Cat


how long was your streak?


You are a fantastic source of encouragement on Duolingo. It is so inspiring to see you share a love and passion for learning. Here's a lingot, Feliz Navidad!

[deactivated user]

    Don't give up!


    By the way, I love your cat picture!


    You are so sweet Cat!! Have some lingots. I love your attitude, and am thinking of doing the same thing myself! You're an inspiration. Happy Holidays!!


    That's sad, but I like how you aren't upset. Have a few lingots! :)


    The repetition of your short sentences obviously shows you are still suffering. Cheer up and digest the right thing you've said.


    I have obtained Sapience. To live is to suffer. To exist is to digest. Pestilence will soon extend across the land.



    So sorry , I am on the count down 4 more days to go before 1000 days streak. Years of hard work. I have 4032 lingots but I will give you some.


    Way to go, Rob. Now that's dedication.


    Rob I am your cheerleader. Lean to the left. Lean to the right. Stand up , sit down, Fight , fight , fight.


    Hansome Rob, Happy holidays! I am Italian Job junkie. Hope you made your streak. Love, Cat


    how long was ur streak?


    213 days. Thanks for asking. Love, Cat




    Hi Cat! I'm sorry you lost your streak, but really it's just a number as others have said! The numbers that make me most proud and coming back day after day, are my xp points. That's what counts the most! You may have lost your streak, but you didn't lose what you learned during that streak! :)


    i see you are at level 25. Do you feel you can hold a conversation at this point? I'm a level 12 and feel like I have a long way to go before I can understand an actual conversation.


    Don't we all... Sigh...


    Give it time Ray... You'll get there. Duo has been very helpful. So has Memrise.com. Good luck.

    PS- if your question was directed at me, yes, I can hold a pretty decent conversation. Grammar isn't always perfect, but those I've spoken with seem to appreciate the effort. One good trick is to type what I want to say into bing translate and see if I'm even close. Then rephrase it until it says what I want. I learn as much from my mistakes as from my correct translations (though I fear I'll never be fluent with past tense or indirect objects :-).


    Can’t do it. Too many filters. I give myself two more years. Good luck. Love, Cat


    I'm sorry, Cat. On the bright side your outlook is inspirational, you show the dedication of a true lover of learning. So here is a little love from me as you continue on your language journey. Good luck!

    "Our greatest glory in not in never falling, but in rising every time we do".


    Wonderful quote. Have a lingot on me.


    Just reading your name makes me smile. Hunnybear, Thanks for your thoughts. Love, Cat


    Sammy , I am sending you a virtual hug. There is something about your posts that make me feel warm inside. Happy holidays. Love , Cat


    Buena suerte! ádh mór! Bonne chance! Vraceshtlak ni va shtruilez! (If you can't find this language anywhere it's because I'm a nerd and made it up with my friends). insert random language that I have no idea how to speak here saying "good luck" Also am studying Chinese and would put good luck put I have no idea how to say that. And I have no trust for google translate. Sincerely, Your new fan, The Ginger.


    Muchas gracias! I do love gingerbread.


    Here's the real question though... If I'm a ginger, and I work at a bakery — ¿Does this make me a gingerbread man? Food for thought. (Get it? Food? Wow, I can be funny! I think. I surprise even myself sometimes with hidden skills.)


    I wish you hadn't pointed out the last pun, for my own selfish reasons. I find things funnier when it takes a moment to click. :)


    The big loss would be if you stopped being yourself, the number next to your name doesn't change a thing.


    Here. have some lingots!


    Pierson, Thank you for your kindness. You have a new friend, Cat


    huh i'm sorry xd you can do it again xd i hope xddd ^^


    Catherine, I'm sorry that happened. :(

    Since you're streak is reset to zero, care to join me in this unconventional way to use a streak?


    Have a lingot and cheer up, Cat. I just looked at the number of languages you've delved into . . . very impressive. What's a streak? Pointless if you get so invested in it that you crash and burn.


    I'm sorry about your loss. I'm trying to get my streak high up there but its getting rather annoying everyday worrying about not losing my streak. Heres 5 lingots and I hope you cheer up


    I'm so sorry to hear you lost your streak Catherine. In many ways it can be more of a burden than a benefit. I would have had a streak somewhere in the 2,000's had I maintained it since I joined here, but real life was more important!

    My streak is only high now because I simply log in every day to continue my learning—as you rightly say, the learning aspect is far more important.

    But please, have some lingots on me, I have a silly number of them!

    Happy learning!


    Spicey, Thank you so much for caring for a stranger. You are so right! Real life is much more challenging, but my goal is to be fluent. I will get there with the hope of others. Love, Cat


    Cat, I just lost my 551 day streak, and like you I'm not giving up. Just to make sure I spent 5 lingots straight away on a wager I'll keep going for the next 10 and then I'll get 10 more lingots.

    You're streak's is still remembered somewhere I found the webpage once where it tells you when people began and restarted.


    Well, you know what they say. Those who live by the streak will die by the streak. It might be better to be free of it.

    Always good to hear from you, Cat.


    Cat, I love your positive take on you losing your streak.

    My favorite thing was giving to others. My lingot supply is low, but that doesn’t matter either. They were just there for generosity and sick days.

    You are so sweet! I remember the times when you would give me a lingot for the smallest things and that always boosted my mood. I really appreciate that, thank you <3

    Please stay on Duolingo! I need someone as interesting and kind as you!! Don't be discouraged, look how much you've learned.

    Love, Mia xx


    Wow. I lost my streak through no fault of my own! I did lessons on those days that Duo thinks I did not. Has this happened to you? Very annoying.


    It happened again! What gives, Duo? I definitely did a lesson yesterday. I'm getting really fed up. If you can't record lessons done accurately, let users opt out of "streaks" because it's just DEMORALIZING!!!!!


    What was your previous streak? -bongocat


    hey u should listen to "feliz navidad" covered by "why don't we" !!!! u'll love it, trust me AND u'll love them(why don't we)


    Follow me please


    but U don't follow anyone!


    break a leg my son may the pandas guide you


    sorry max i was voice recording and my sister yelled hippie from the next room over and did not delete that accidentally


    my dear cat dont cry i did as well.lets hope that you will never lose your streak again love,panda

    • 391

    I hate the streak part of duolingo. Every time I have stopped doing duolingo it is because I have broken a long streak and I am too ticked off to go back. What they should do is take a percentage of how long you have been on a streak before that streak is broken or allow you to take a time out. You could for example set the percentage at 10%, then up to 20 days one day missed breaks the streak but at 20 days it takes 2 days to break the streak. If you want to be harder the make it 5% or even 2%.


    I won't, that's a "very unpleasant situation for me"(former expressed with one single word, but obviously, not allowed here), I do it every single day, and always have freeze active although the last week I've had a crown in my progress graph, but it was ok, and I've checked it yesterday it was also ok! now while doing my daily plan, I see that awful figure 1!How come? how could that ever happened?! I mean, I can't get a clue! I would add the screenshot if I could, it' doesn't have an option of adding pics here. it's a "nonsense", wtf????!!! I mean I feel totally demotivated and I'm not feeling like I'm going to continue anymore. Does anyone know how can I claim my streak back? I mean, I'm sure there's some stupid mistake, it can't be lost I had a streek and I have a graph showing my progress, I never missed 2 days in a row. But I can't really find any feedback form here, just FAQ and redirecting to this forum, but that's not an official forum where people involved in the product happen, there are only users with their IMHO. If anyone could help me, otherwise I gonna delete the app, won't start again from scratch, that's too much for me...

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