"Dííjį́ éí nahałtin."

Translation:Today it is raining.

November 29, 2018

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If "Dííjį́ éí adinídíín." is "It is sunny today." Shouldn't this also translate to "It is rainy today."?


I don't understand why the translation exercise does not equally recognize "today is rainy" and "it is rainy today."


Indeed! Aren't these equally valid?? Especially since Wiktionary indicates éí really isn't the verb "to be", but either a subject marker (like "as for XX") or a pronoun that can serve in place of that subject. Can any Dine speaker come up with another closer Dine translation of "today is rainy" or "it is rainy today"? Is "rainy" wrong, perhaps because there is another Dine word when it is an adjective, and perhaps nahałtin can only mean "it rains" or the noun, "rain"??

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I think it's just that the course is still in beta testing, meaning course volunteers are still adding acceptable translations. If you're pretty sure your answer should have been accepted, click the flag button to report it as "my answer should have been accepted."

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