"This is her book."

Translation:Ini bukunya.

November 29, 2018

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I answered "This is her book" with "Buku ini miliknya" but it is marked as wrong. It should be "Ini bukunya" according to Duolingo. However, "That is her book" cannot be answered with "Itu bukunya". It should be "Buku itu miliknya".

Why is there this difference? Or is Duolingo just being inconsistent?


It's a different sentence, with a different grammar.

This is her book <==> This book is hers
Ini buku dia <==> Buku ini punya dia

Different subject, different use of possessive, etc...


Thank you very much for pointing it out, I keep on making mistakes on these!!!


I just made the same mistake and have them next to eachother now : This is HER BOOK - Ini bukunya That book is HERS - Buku itu miliknya As you can see the book is now seperated from her in the 2nd sentence.


I already posed this question with an earlier entry but will repeat it here for visibility: when to attach "nya" to a noun and when to use "dia" ?


Dear Lims, don't worry, it's the same.
Ini buku dia = Ini bukunya = This is his/her book.


Thanks for your response. Sorry for this very late one from me to yours!


Hey, What would mean "bukunya ini"? I don't understand when "ini" is put after or before a word. Thanks!


your sentence would be "his book is this/this one". ini is put first if you're saying "this is" his book, and it's after 'buku', if you're specifying the book, as in 'buku ini miliknya'


What is 'nya' again please?


Ita the difference between. This book is hers or this is her book. Subtle but different. Most Indonesians would say either way they would understand what you mean


must confusing so far in Indonesian and i try to find the key: is it about "that" and "this"? that book is hers - buku itu miliknya this is her book - ini bukunya


That is her book. Buku itu miliknya. Instead of: Itu bukunya.

This is her book. Ini bukunya. instead of: Buku ini miliknya.

It doesn't make sense.


Buku ini miliknya was not accepted. Why?


Thank you!!! This brings lots more of light and makes it easy to understand!


What the difference between "nya" "ku" & "mu"?


I'm not native, but I have a trick for remembering. The suffix 'Ku' attaches onto the word and symbolises my, I, etc. Think of the longer version, 'Aku' to remember. It is similar with 'Mu' - talking about you/yours. Think of 'Kamu' having similar meaning. 'Nya' (This is where I go wrong) I believe is like 'Dia.' It is a suffix used to as He/She.

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