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"ʻAi keiki i ka laulau nui."

Translation:The children eat the large laulau.

November 29, 2018



"Laulau" is a good example of the kind of thing that really needs to be explained in Tips or Notes.


where are Tips or Notes????


You find tips and notes when you first open a Duolingo lesson. Look at the first circle (Intro). Click on it. Then click the icon of the light-bulb. Many of the circle icons have notes.


How do I know that this isn't "The children eat a lot of laulau."?

BTW, laulau is a delicious traditional dish, it's pork and fish wrapped in taro and ti leaves and steamed.


I believe "a lot of laulau" would be "laulau he nui". The "nui" immediately after laulau directly modifies the object, not amount.


From Wikipedia: Laulau is a Native Hawaiian cuisine dish. The traditional preparation consisted of pork wrapped in taro or luau leaf. In old Hawaii laulau was assembled by taking a few luau leaves and placing a few pieces of fish and pork in the center.


why is this not "the children are eating the big laulau"? (how do you convey progressive tense?)


NĀ ʻANA: (REVIEW) NĀ MĀKA PAINU = The tense markers

Parts of speech

Look at (slide 4) in the link.

(Grammar Link) https://www.slideshare.net/malama777/na-maka-painu-1

KE PAINU NEI marks an action as happening now or at this time.

(Nā Kai ʻEwalu, Beginning Hawaiian Lessons)

Ke ʻai nei ʻo ia. = He is eating (now).

Ke ʻauʻau nei ʻo Lani. = Lani is bathing (now).

Ke hana nei nā mākaʻi. = The police officers are working (now).


bruh I just put in 'the taro is big' in another question: 'Nui ka kalo' and it said 'wrong, correction: there's a lot of taro', now I say 'a lot of laulau' for this question and now it says 'wrong, correction: 'big laulau' he aha?


Now I wonder how to say, "The children eat a big laulau." I don't think it's "... i he laulau ..." but what do I know? Still, the next thing was translate "Keoki drinks water," not "the water," but "(some) water," and the answer was "... ka wai."


Better than poi, better than pig. Wendell's Laulau's frickin' big --Rap Reiplinger

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