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"Ada terlalu banyak asap dari dapur restoran itu."

Translation:There is too much smoke from the kitchen of that restaurant.

November 29, 2018



Kalimat dalam bahasa Inggris memerlukan kata kerja. “There is too much smoke coming from the kitchen of that restaurant.”


Correct! The current translation can only work as a causal-structure, not as a stand alone sentence: "I am suffocating because there is too much smoke from the kitchen of the restaurant."

Otherwise, the "from" demands a verb of movement. "There is too much smoke coming/eminating/escaping from the kitchen of the restaurant"


It is natural enough as spoken English. And it's better to use a direct translation of the Indonesian, to help us learn how things are phrased in Indonesian.


Smoke (noun) = asap

Smoke (verb) = merokok


There is too much smoke from the restaurant kitchen


That feels like an incomplete sentence to me. Too much smoke for what? You'd want some cause/effect.

"Help me, I can't see! There's too much smoke from the restaurant kitchen."

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