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How do I report one person downvoting all of my translations (for no good reason)

I recently found that a large number of translations of mine were downvoted (my downvote count went from about 3 to about 25) and I think it was a specific person (a person who I had a dispute with over a single translation had all of the articles with downvotes listed together on his activity around the same time) and these are not new translations - its not like all the sudden my translations are worse. Now my upvote downvote record sucks. I tried asking a moderator for help, but they said that moderators arent able to really help in this case. I could report each individual one, but its possible that maybe a few of the downvotes are legitimate or something and I don't want to lose credibility. Also I don't think the reporting so much has to do with one person doing something like this so much as people writing profane things in the translations, and reporting individual translations would not show the overall problem that is the pattern... Is there any way I can get my translation record fixed? Please help!!!

May 13, 2014

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Some sites (notably the StackExchange network) have an automated serial voting reversal script that runs every night at midnight. It'd be nice if Duolingo had something of the sort.

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