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"My mother is going out to eat."

Translation:मेरी माँ खाने बाहर जा रही हैं।

November 29, 2018



Why is it खाने here and not खाना? I though in a different lesson (I think "Do you have to go to eat?") that someone said it's the auxiliary verb that would change & to eat wod be in the infinitive. Is there a difference in this case?


Is it correct, if i write " My mother is going to eat out"


Why is "meri ma khane bahar ja rahi hai" correct and not "meri ma bahar khane ja rahi hai"?


There is a subtle difference between the two. "मेरी माँ खाने बाहर जा रही हैं" means "My mother is going out to eat" while "मेरी माँ बाहर खाने जा रही हैं" "My mother is going to eat outside".

However, in spoken Hindi, you can convey either meaning with both sentences depending on which words you choose to stress.


Actually, it should be 'meri ma bahar khane ja rahi hai' I am a native speaker


Thanks, that's super helpful.


Is निकलना appropriate here?


निकलना is more like 'to leave'.

मेरी माँ खाने निकल रही हैं। - 'My mother is leaving to go eat' is stressing the action of leaving the house. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the present continuous tense but other tenses like 'मेरी माँ अभी-अभी खाने निकली' (My mother just left to go eat') are more natural.

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