"Tyrio kepa tōme tōmēpsā jēdari ūndas."

Translation:Tyrion's father is fifty-five years old.

November 29, 2018

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Could you distinguish "Tyrion's father is 55 years old" from "Tyrion's father was 55 years old"? Or would it just be the same since in both cases, he saw 55 years.


It seems reasonable that you would use the pluperfect of urnegon... jēdari ūndes (literally "he had seen ... years" = "he was ... years old") .


Commented about this elsewhere too: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24226764

In the Wiki dictionary, we find that one of the meanings of 'ūndegon' is 'to be x years old', like Xenon already mentioned above. However, the word 'ūndas' that we see here in this sentence is the third person singular perfect form of 'urnegon' instead of the form of ‘ūndegon’ like one would expect.

Maybe the Wiki dictionary is erroneous and it really should be ‘urnegon’ but the sentence just accidentally ended up among the examples for ‘ūndegon’...? or it really should be ‘ūndegon’ and it was accidentally conjugated incorrectly in the example sentence...???

Would be great to know! :D


Yes its just their way of saying how old one is. And because its not a literally translation you can translate it in different ways I would say

<pre> ūndegon ['uːndegon] perfect: ūndetan </pre>

to see, to catch sight of, to sight; when used intransitively to look , metaphorically to be x years old (eventative of urnegon.) from the wiki

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