"Does he want more fish and poi?"

Translation:Makemake hou ʻo ia i ka ʻai a me ka iʻa?

November 29, 2018

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Makemake hou 'o ia i ka i'a a me ka 'ai. I keep getting this wrong. Why is the order sometimes reversed in translation?


Wher does the answer show "poi and fish" as correct when the English question ask for the opposite order - "fish and poi"?

The requirement to reverse the word order "fish and poi" versus "poi and fish" is not explained and inconsistent with other exercise questions.

Can anyone share an explanation?


What really baffles me is that poi is a uniquely Hawaiian word. Should it not be "i'a a me ka poi?"


I wanna say that a question may have something to do with the reversal?

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