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Duolingo crashes!

I tried both web and mobile version today. Mobile version for Android is crashing. Not even can go to the introductory screen. I tested to my mobile and my Android. I updated, I removed and install it again, the same! Crashes!

November 29, 2018



Update: I can run it again. A new update has come. It has some more hints. Nice!



A new update has come. It has some more hints. Nice!

What do you mean by this?

Do you mean the new language mobile grammar tips for French (tree 8+12), Spanish [and Chinese according to their CHANGELOG description]?


I never have trouble with the web version, but now it always crashes on my Blackberry Passport. It used to work fine in German at least, if not Russian; but although it now can come up in Russian also, it always crashes and shuts off the phone after about 4 or 5 questions, both languages. Doesn't work with either the app, or going through Google. Usually not a big problem, as I prefer the web anyway; but it sure would be convenient for when I must be away.


After some hours Duolingo interface has been transformed! A new more fancy interface, animation and 3D buttons. Quite impressive! Maybe there are a lot to be done on this, but it is better than before. Thanks Duolingo! It is time to unify these two versions. I cannot understand why you didn't it so far.


Glad it is working for you. It is still crashing for me. Audio went first, then my Blackberry shut down and restarted -which never, ever happens otherwise, on any other application.
Happily the web interface works great, and I'm glad to be learning a lot. Thanks, Duolingo!

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