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Fá Dear mo Mhuirnín Fháinnigh

Can someone help me understand the meaning of Fá dear in the song title? (I've seen the whole title translated as "All for my beautiful darling".) Is it related to faoi deara as in Tú féin faoi deara é?

When I was trying to work it out, I ran it through Google Translate (yeah, I know). It translated the title as "I Love My Embroidery Muffin", which actually made it worthwhile to have gone there, even if it didn't help my understanding at all.

November 29, 2018



I found this in Focloir Gaeilge-Bearla. when you look up "deara". "Fa dear" appears of a variation of the phrase "you have brought it on yourself" https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/deara

Tú féin faoi deara é, you are the cause of it yourself, you have brought it on yourself. (Var:fá dear, fé ndear(a), fé ndeár)

[deactivated user]

    That seems fitting the topic of the song: https://www.orielarts.com/songs/fa-dear-mo-mhuirnin-fhainnigh/

    It's a bawdy song, about a younger man who gets involves with another man's woman and gets punished for it, from what I gather, so its lyrics seem to contain several double entendres, which would be difficult to translate literally for the song to make a lot of sense in English. Also, most extant versions of it appears to be in an older form of Ulster dialect and as the description I linked to suggest, the entire song has not survived to present day.


    Before we know it you'll be asking us to explain fadúda!!!!



    Tá mé ag léamh fá dtaobh de.

    (Assuming http://www.omniglot.com/blog/?p=6929 has steered me in the right direction.)


    I read muirnín as muirín for a second and I got so confused!

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