"वे लड़कियाँ छह घंटे बाद खेलेंगी।"

Translation:Those girls will play six hours later.

November 29, 2018

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"After six hours" is proper Indian English and is the form favoured by most people I know, I've never head anyone say "six hours later" in any dialect. But if you're talking British or American English, we want "in six hours", I believe. Neither "in six hours" nor "after six hours" are currently accepted.


They must've changed it, because "after six hours" was accepted for me.


When I read this sentence with "six hours later" I assumed the context is a schedule. For example, a tournament, and perhaps the speaker has given the time for one group's game and been asked about the game time for this other group of girls, and then answered relative to the first group (group 2 plays six hours later than group 1). Does anyone know if the Hindi can be correctly interpreted this way?


These girls will play now… and those girls will play six hours later.

The sentence is fine.


'in six hours' should be accepted


In six hours is incorrect because बाद mean afterward or later


In English, if we say I will do something in six hours that means after 6 hours pass, I will do that something. In six hours is correct


"Those girls will play after six hours" must be accepted, please fix this!

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