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Le Smarginatura

I've recently started watching the TV series called "My Brilliant Friend" in English and "L'Amica Geniale" in Italian. It's an HBO-RAI co-production, and the dialogues are in Italian, although some of them are in the Neapolitan dialect. The fourth episode is called "Dissolving Margins" in English and its Italian equivalent is supposed to be "Le Smarginatura". I hadn't come up with the word "smarginatura" before, so it made me wonder. Is "le smarginatura" a typo and it's really supposed to be "le smarginature"? Or is "la smarginatura" an irregular noun and its plural is really "le smarginatura"?

November 29, 2018



Typo probably. It should be either "la smarginatura" or "le smarginature," most likely the former.


That's what I thought as well. Thanks for the quick response :)


Il titolo del IV° episodio ed. italiana è "La smarginatura".

la smarginatura s.f. -> le smarginature p.f.


Grazie mille per la risposta :) Adesso sono certo che la forma plurale coretta è "le smarginature". Grazie ancora!

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CostaDax volevo dirti che hai ottimi gusti!

I am also watching this TV series at the moment (in Italy they broadcast only the first episode), if you are interested there are also the books (author: Elena Ferrante). The word "la smarginatura" is very important because it represents the essence of the author's thought that takes shape through the world and the people of that story, so that is not only a title of one episode but it's a symbole. "Smarginatura", because the world observed by Lila comes out of its "margins", it becomes something else that is different from what she knew...so the "smarginatura" is also her feeling of fear, disorientation and repulsion. This story also show a picture of Italy in the period in which the story is set.(I advise everyone to read or watch it). Ciao!


Grazie, Emy e Giuliaccia! :) Emy, your input is greatly appreciated... Ho intenzione di leggere i libri, ma anche la serie TV è fantastica!

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I'm glad : ) I agree, the TV series is a good product. Since you like italian stories, I can also advice a TV series called "I Medici" (anglo-italian production, 2 series), if you have not watched it yet...that is set in Florence in the Renaissance age and it tells of a florentine family very important. Buon proseguimento, a presto ciao!


I libri sono fantastici!

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Hai proprio ragione!

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