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Facts About Native Americans

Hello, I thought I would share some facts about Native Americans (if I get anything wrong, tell me so I can fix it).

-People in the USA refer the indigenous people to Indians (which is wrong) or Native Americans while Canadians refer them to First Nations people

-The Sequoia tree is named after the Cherokee leader who developed the alphabet they used

-The Yucatán peninsula was named when Spanish explorers settled and asked the Natives what they call where they are, the indigenous people replied "Yucatán". Today, we realize that in Mayan language, "Yucatán" meant "I don't know what you're saying

-When Christopher Columbus came to America, he thought he was in "Indies" so he called the indigenous people Indians, an incorrect term for Native Americans that is still used today by some people

-The Native Americans who first met English explorers introduced them to their language and now some examples of words with Algonquian roots are: caribou, opossum, chipmunk and woodchuck

-Native Americans weren't even considered citizens of the USA until the "Indian Citizen Act" in 1924

-Native Americans have been on the American continents since about 12,000 BC, some historians believe South American tribes have been living in South America for 30,000 years or more

-The Mohawk hairstyle is named after the Mohawk tribe, who also liked to keep one side of their head shaven and the other was dyed colorfully

-About 22% of the 5 million Native Americans live on reservations

-Native American is not just one culture but many beautiful cultures with different religions, histories, languages, etc.

if you wanna add some more facts that's great!

November 30, 2018



I have met Native Americans who refer to themselves as Indians. It varies from person to person, and group to group. Here in the Tucson area we have reservations for the Yaqui tribe and the Tohono O'odham nation. A typical joke for someone of Native American/Indian descent would be : What do you want to be called, Native American or Indian. I'd rather be called George.


neat im part native american thanks for sharing


Same, no problem! If you wanna add something you can!


Or just call us our tribe :p


sounds very similar to the australlian indigenous people! beautiful


us indians weren't citizens of this country lol

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