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"E ʻai i ʻelua hua ʻai momona ma ke pākaukau."

Translation:Eat two sweet fruits on the table.

November 30, 2018



i think this should have another "the" for the english sentence. "eat two sweet fruits on the table" implies that you should get up on the table and eat two sweet fruits, whereas "eat the two sweet fruits on the table" implies that there are two sweet fruits on the table and you should eat them, which i think is what the sentence means? It's no big deal it's just a bit confusing to translate when you see there's only one "the"


agree - should accept "eat the 2 sweet fruits on the table"


I wonder if you might try "eat two sweet fruits at the table?" "Ma" is "in, on, or at." But typically it is "in" or "at."


I just tried. "At the table" is marked incorrect.


"At" makes better sense, though.


DAB, are you starting over?


To keep it fresh, I will keep reviewing the tree and hope DL has a growth spurt soon but I've started relying more on books. I listen to the Hawaiian music channel sometimes, and I try to parse what the songs are about. Too bad I don't live in Hawaii anymore. Missed an opportunity to learn.


Why does it not accept juicy? A fruit can be juicy, and "momona" can be sweet or juicy according to what is taught here in Duolingo.


Wondering the same thing..


I also put juicy and was wrong but I now see that it likely marked me wrong for this other issue of "Eat the two..." vs "Eat two" that others are discussing. Not sure if that is what happened with you too.

I tried it again and it does accept juicy.


I got nailed for using juicy instead of sweet. I think there are still a lot of oversights to correct.


see comments above regarding "the" vs "juicy"! :)


I agree about the missing 'the' - the English translation doesn't make sense without it.


makes sense without but I still don't understand why it's wrong with "the"?


Why "i 'elua" and not just "'elua"?


my guess is that "i" here indicates that "fruit" is the object of the verb "'ai"

[deactivated user]

    I tried "at the table" and this time it was accepted. I am glad they expanded the list of acceptable answers. Thanks DL!

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