"Hello and what is your name?"

Translation:Yáʼátʼééh dóó haash yinilyé?

November 30, 2018

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As best I can tell, I am typing Yáʼátʼééh dóó haash yinilyé exactly correctly, but I keep getting the message that there is a typo in my answer. Is anyone else having this issue?


yes, i am. i thought it was because i cant put the accents over the letters?

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Ya'at'eeh doo haash yinilye was correct


Definitely the "othet one" symbol. Not this -> ' But this one -> ´ I tried both, and with the other one it marked the answer as a correct one.


I have the same, I think the apostroph ' on our keyboard might not be the same one used in the Navajo language. But maybe I'm wrong there.


Yes.im not happy right now


How are you supposed to type these characters


Push and hold the symbol or letter thst requires the symbol, for instance the umlaut for the "a" in german you hold the "a" until a little box shows up and you select the corresponding "a" and get "ä". On the galaxy A10e phone every letter and symbol has something when u hold down a specific key.


Rewrite the program, eliminate marks above letters. Concentrate on spelling,vocal articulation and meaning of word so students can move on. At later date offer class on usage of tag figures and how they represent written native language.


Tap the letter, for example, "e" hold it a moment and options for accent appearp. Slide your cursor over to the one you want, for example, " é ". Once you have the full word entered into your device's vocabulary it will appear as an optilon on the bar above the keyboard. That will ease the pain next time you want to use the word. Removing the diacritical marks like accents will not leave you with Navajo but just some maze of letters. Hang in there!


Thanks for this, but I disagree. I kind of wish DuoLingo didn't let me get away with my deep misspellings where I leave off three or more diacritics. These are just as much a part of the "spelling, vocal articulation and meaning".


I can finally hear the Navajo speaker. :-)


Yá' át' ééh dóó haash yinilyé I changed to Navajo keyboard and it too a few tries. Not sure how to advise you seem to have what I typed.


Where fid i find a Navaajo keyboard at ?


I got it right. Let me move on please.


Also can anyone actually hear the pronunciation


Not much point in learning how to spell strange symbols with no clues about how they sound!


I keep clicking the speaker and nothing is happening


Yeah, appeareny this language is silent


OH HELLO DUO, no one can move on because you keep rejecting our answers! take off the accents please. they would take far too long anyway to type even if we had them. The spanish lessons are not concerned with the accents and i for one am glad...dont think i would be learning any of it if the accents were in there


I am reminded about using accents in the Spanish program every time I use them incorrectly or not at all. When I began this language there was no sound so I quit for a while. Now I have sound so that's good. As far as it being hard, yep I agree. Suggest you quit complaining & concentrate on learning Navajo or just quit. Your choice.


So i spelt this one right but it is still wrong?


I'm having that trouble as well!


I am typing it correctly however i cannot put the accents, is this why it keeps saying its wrong?


Where is the keyboard?


Having issues! Not working n got it right grrrrr


I think it should be yinílyé, with a high tone on the second i. That's what it says in "Conversational Navajo Workbook" by Garth A. Wilson, and Wiktionary says the same thing.


Any reason you can't use the longer version of "What is your name" here? yá'át'ééh dóó ní shą haash yinilyé? (accepted with accents as written but without the "ní shą."


They (duolingo) taught us that you/your is "ni" in Navajo but I added "ni" to the answer (2nd to last word) and its wrong but I cant figure out why its wrong! Its hard to rwmwmbwr things when you dont why things are the way they are.


look at your keyboard settings and add navajo


Gboard has a navajo keyboard


Im having trouble typing symbols above letter can barely see them


Same issue.. typing correctly and still being counted as i correct


I cant find accents


Yá'áťééh dóó haash yinilyé? You guys are doing same mistake you are not putting question mark there


Finally got it. I used the hold down the key method till the letter with the accents popped up. Use the right slanted apostrophe. Use a regualar apostophe in the Yá'át ééh part. No question mark is needed. Good luck


Finally I got it


same as everyone I am using the pre typed letters underneath and keep getting wrong.


Yes im having the same issue. Im postive that its because of the accents... Im putting all the apostrophe's and punctuation marks


Cant put accent on the words...marked as incorrect


I typed "Yá'át'ééh dóó haash yinilyé?" I got the reply: "Another correct solution: Yáʼátʼééh dóó haash yinilyé?" I'm not seeing any difference!

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