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  5. "Apa yang dilakukan olehnya?"

"Apa yang dilakukan olehnya?"

Translation:What was done by him?

November 30, 2018



Another option: "What did he do?"


To me, this is avery uncomfortable English sentence. It sounds like something someone would say who cannot speak English well. "What did he do?" is much more acceptable, at least in Australia.


Also should be accepted: "What has he done?"


Nya can also be plural so them should be accepted.


It should've been : what has he done


In all sentences with a DI- verb in Indonesian, Duo wants it translated with a passive. Although I agree that when explaining the di- verbs it helps to compare them to the passive in English, once you start translating, you very often do not need the passive. Therefore most of those sentences should also be allowed in the active voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In what situation would you say "What was done by him"? Maybe as a teacher talking to a group of students who hand in a collaborative assignment: "Which part of it was done by you and you and you?" Now this should be checked by a native speaker of Indonesian, but I don't think that even in that situation the Indonesian version would be Apa yang dilukakan olehnya, I guess more something like Bagian mana dilakukan olehnya.

The normal way this same sentence is said in English is "What did he do".

Don't force a translation to show the grammatical constructs in the source language !

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