"Apa yang dilakukan olehnya?"

Translation:What was done by him?

November 30, 2018

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Another option: "What did he do?"


Except you lose the meaning of the "di- oleh" construction. The default translation is correct.


To me, this is avery uncomfortable English sentence. It sounds like something someone would say who cannot speak English well. "What did he do?" is much more acceptable, at least in Australia.


Also should be accepted: "What has he done?"


I think what the comments are pointing out is that, technically, English is grammatically capable of asking this question with passive-voice verbs. English has the grammar to do this.

However, most English speakers would never ask the question this way. It sounds very unnatural and/or awkward to us.

So, yes, grammatically possible and permitted. However, it is in violation of naturalness constraints. And you will likely never hear an L1 speaker of English say it in normal, non-demonstrative speech or writing.


"Your Honor, the damage to this vehicle was not done by my client. We may never know who did do it, but I intend to prove today that my client was not responsible."

It's a very rhetorical way of speaking that Bob and Joe in a nightclub wouldn't use, but it definitely has a use. It's a more precise way of saying "The vehicle is damaged, but my client didn't damage it"


Nya can also be plural so them should be accepted.


It should've been : what has he done


It should be "apa yang telah dilakukan olehnya"


Never heard of that in real life. Should've been: "What has he done?"


Duolingo shouldnt force a single answer


When is digunakan right and when dilakukan?


'dilakukan' = 'to be done'
'digunakan' = 'to be used'
as I understand them

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