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  5. "Eat this hot chili."

"Eat this hot chili."

Translation:Azeeʼdíchʼííʼ daosą́ʼ.

November 30, 2018



My texting doesn't have some of the letter options. It will repetitively ask a question that is impossible for me to get correct.


I had to open a web browser on my phone and copy/paste the special letters in. To be fair, I have not looked for a Navajo keyboard to download. Maybe look one up?


I can't put some of those letter options with the little things on top nor bottom of the letter so it is difficult for me to get that correct.


What is the difference between yiją and daosą (excuse rough transliteration)?


Yiya (can't type in tonality) is a non-specific indicator "They are eating". Daosa is more of a declarative "you all will eat this". Dao- verb prefix is indicative of pluarlity, but I can't recall which. Still learning.


Thank you. The computer says that I need two little marks that resemble commas under the letter, "a", in the word daosą́. How do I do that? My Navajo keyboard does not have that.

Thank you for your help.


I got it to accept mine by using the ʼ accent mark instead of the '. To access it, I hold down the -' - key and several options are visible. On my keyboard, it's the one on the far left.


Can you explain the verb conjugation of this verb? Thank you.


I wrote this correctly but it was counted wrong because I didn't put the period, and then I didn't put a space between the last word and the period.

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