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  5. "Kue ini bukan bagianmu."

"Kue ini bukan bagianmu."

Translation:This cake is not your piece.

November 30, 2018



The English makes no sense. "This is not your piece of cake." would be better English.


"This cake is not yours" sounds more native. I can't tell if it's referring to a whole cake or a portion, and it doesn't make sense that a whole cake would be a portion, yet it hasn't qualified that 'this cake' is a portion of it's own.


I agree with the other comments. This English sentence makes no sense. Two choices This piece of cake is not yours. Or This is not your piece of cake. Thanjs Duolingo for getting so much right....my comments are just to help improve the site


I am beginning to wonder if the Indonesian module is reliable...


Very poor translation. Any native English speaker would say "This is not your piece of cake." but that was marked incorrect.

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This piece of cake is not yours... and how is it wrong?


"this cake is not your portion" is what i wrote but i feel it is correct . am i wrong?


This is not your portion of the cake would be correct. This cake is not your portion is wrong but so is the translation on the module.


reminded me of Irish "cuid"


Hmm have your cake and eat his piece too. Wow


I think the English should translate the meaning of the sentence not word by word if it doesn't make sense in English. It's impossible even to figure out what it would mean to an Indonesian!


Grammar in English questionable

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